VFX1 VGA Linkbox Plans

June 2004

Information links at bottom of page. NEW TRACKING LINKBOX INFORMATION!!

This page contains a lot of information on the VFX1 and what people call the linkbox. Information at the bottom of the page will show you how to build a Composite video VFX1, a 3D stereo VGA linkbox, and also give you information on the tracking information sent back and forth between the VFX1 and VIP card. All this information is enough to build yourself a complete VFX1 linkbox solution including video and tracking. The small explanation below and the pictures that follow show how to make a VGA video linkbox. This was the first video linkbox to be developed.

You should understand that building a complete linkbox solution including 3D stereo and tracking capabilities is going to run you approx. 500.00 USD. This is about twice the price of a used VFX1. Not to mention the countless hours of putting it all together. This also does not include the software or drivers for the tracking. You should also know, that basically what we are creating with a complete VFX1 solution is a Cybermaxx with better optics. Actually, what you are building is a pair of I-glasses, which can be purchased on Ebay with a headtracker for around 300.00.

If you can do some surface mount soldering I can put together a Composite Video Kit. It would include all the parts for the project along with some documentation and a fan out connector. The fan out connector will include the new power supply for your VFX1, composite video connections, mic, audio, and tracking connections. It will look similar to the cybermaxx fan out connector. I can also do custom kits if you have another idea in mind. If interested email me at klmellott at gmail dot com.

VFX1 VGA linkbox plans

Here are some pictures of the VFX1 VGA Video linkbox plans. One pic shows the enclosure. Another shows the parts list. And the third shows the schematics. These plans are designed to be used with the PC/TV Genie video converter. The below adaptor box along with the PC/TV genie, which can be found at Provantage.com, will produce a video linkbox for the VFX1. Right click and download the pictures for a full resolution view. Please see the bottom of this page for loads of VFX1 information. There are several downloads that can help you to dissect the inner workings of the VFX1.

Everything below is pretty straight forward for any electronic tech. The 7805 must be the 1 to 1.5 Amp version and it MUST BE HEATSINKED PROPERLY or it will overheat and the VFX1 displays will scramble. The video cable in must match the 8 pin mini din found on the front of the PC/TV Genie. The audio and mic plugs shown in the schematic are standard 1/8 stereo plugs. The VFX1 cable will need a DB26 which can be hard to find sometimes. I purchase mine from HSC. The 7414 is a standard TTL schmitt trigger which inverts the PC/TV Genie sync signal for the VFX1.

You could also create a dual VGA input VFX1 by using two PC/TV Genies. One for each LCD input. Then with the right software you could have a stereoscopic (3D) VFX1. This would provide you with a totally Plug N Play VFX1 with stereo capability.

Any other questons just email me at klmellott@hotmail.com.

A picture of the finished product.

General Info:
* Here is an electronic copy of the VFX1 Users Manual.
* A document of different options for keeping your VFX1 alive and running.

VGA Linkbox Info:
* Here is the Modification doc for the linkbox setup shown above.
* Here is the linkbox setup doc for the system shown above.
* Here is a document on the VFX1 connector pin outs.
* Here is a document for a 3D stereo setup for the video box using two video converters, from Rob in the fortevr yahoo group.

Composite Video Info:
NOTE:The below information can be used to adapt the VFX1 for composite video input. I have tested and verfied it works!!!
* Here are the schematics of the VFX1 LCD boards. (VRImmersions.com)
* An update document for the VFX1LcdBrd.zip file above.
* This schematic shows the IR3Y15 video IC used in a camcorder. Shows that the VFX1 can be modified for composite video.
* Here is an electronic copy of the IR3Y15 datasheet.

Tracking and Communication Info:
* This is a zip file that has the source code for a working Tracking linkbox and some EagleCad schematics and PCB design. This tracking linkbox will pull the raw data from your VFX1 and send it to a serial port using very simple commands.
* This Serial Communication Protocol shows how the VFX1 communicates with the VIP card.
* Here is the excel file that is referenced in the Serial Communication Protocol Document above.
* Here is a document explaining how to communicate to the VFX1 for tracking info, from Rob in the fortevr yahoo group.