Virtual Boy CIBs

Originally March 11th, 2017

Updated June 7th, 2017

I’ve also done some Virtual Boy complete-in-box (CIB) builds. My first one was a Faceball VB CIB. There are also some CIBs and carts popping up that are using my PCB design. I’ll list things here as I come across them.

Faceball VB CIB

Here’s one that I didn’t do but it uses my PCB design within the cartridge. 50 carts of Gundam English done through NintendoAge and PlanetVB.

You can see my familar red and black PCB from the cart below. You can even see the complimentary Virtual Boy sticker that I usually provide on their laptop! I really like the labels they’ve placed on the flash chips. Very nice touch.