Power Glove

May 2000

The Nintendo Power glove is an excellent device to use for low-end virtual reality system. It is a down version of the VPL Dataglove. The glove uses resistive ink bend sensors to relay to the computer the position of your fingers. It then uses ultrasonic tracking to give the x, y, and z coordinates.

The Power Glove must first be modified for your PC applications. We now have a serial Power Glove Linkbox. This will allow you to read raw Power Glove data at any serial port (DB9) on ANY PC. This unit is similar to the AGE, and MENILLI boxes found in PG researching. The Modified Power Gloves will also still be compatible with the parallel interface. It outputs tracker position, rotation, finger position, and button status.

Here are some plans for a PGLinkbox.

If your looking for information on how to use the Power Glove with Midi applications, you can due a search for the MOGLI Power Glove. You should be able to find some information on the subject.
Freeware programs are used to access and poll the glove for your virtual reality programs. These programs use the Nintendo power glove as an input device. Some of these are Rend386, Vr-386, Avril, and 2morrow builder. There are also a couple of games put out by PCVR, an old VR magazine, which use the glove. They are called Jet and Racquetball.

The sites for the PowerGlove are less and less everyday. For that reason here are some files that may be of some use. I have several disks and CDs with information regarding the Power Glove and will list more as time permits. Like always, feel free to email me and I’ll look through my files.

I also have an electronic version of the Power Glove Manual.

Here is a really nice link with information regarding the Power Glove and its history.

The Modified Power Glove

The Virtual Hand controlled by the Power Glove Interface


Some of My First Virtual Worlds


My first virtual world

The Ships are animated and a comet flys through the area