The CyberMaxx Review

May 2000

The CyberMaxx 2.0 is worth messing with if you can get it for no more than 100 dollars. I enjoyed tracing pins down and generally seeing how it works. I used Descent 2 as my piloting program for comparison of quality to the VFX-1.   For someone that is just getting into VR and the whole helmet thing, this might not be a good first choice. 

First, there is virtually almost nothing on the web as far as pinouts and connector information, which for most is fine.  There are pages out there with drivers and a few out there with patches for games.  As far as support, you are on your own.

Second, the optics are magnified enormously.  Its like have blocks of ice for glasses.  After the first five minutes I had a headache from using the headset.  After continuous adjustment I got a somewhat focused image in the center of the optics that blurred massively as it got closer to the outer edges.

Last, the headset places all the weight on the front of your head and nose.  It isn’t painful but after several minutes becomes annoying.  I spent more time trying to balance my head then actually trying to use the headset.

So as far as the CyberMaxx goes don’t count on long periods of use unless your blind already.  I am thinking about using it for parts.  The VFX-1 is a far superior device but with a superior price.