Delta Six Gun Controller

July 29th 2015

I received my Delta Six gun controller after backing it on Kickstarter nearly 2 years ago. I honestly didn’t think it would ever come. In the end I had to pay for shipping separately but it finally arrived. Better late than never.

I really wanted to like the Delta Six. I’m a big fan of these types of controllers and have even built them myself in the past. However the Delta Six just doesn’t pull it off. I’m constantly hitting the “center” button to line the gun back up with my view of my gun in a FPS game. Much like the Razer Hydra, I find myself trying to distort my arms and position to get the gun aligned again. I quickly give up on this and then try to use the center button over and over. Delta Six isn’t the only gun controller with this issue. It’s tough to do when you have no external reference and are only using mouse mode. I also noticed that the gun constantly drifts. I recalibrated many times and it’s never quite right.

The feel of the Delta Six is really nice. Its plastic but has a slight rubber overcoat to it. There are buttons all over the thing, although they seem to misfire a lot during game play. I find myself having to reach for the keyboard ESC key often to get back out of menus that the gun has triggered somehow. The recoil is nice but you’ll definitely want to plug in the AC plug to get a better kick. It’s a much lighter recoil when you’re running on just batteries. The IR sensor on the top that zooms in when you place your eye in front of the scope is kinda cool. I liked it in Battlefield 4.

Visually the gun looks great. I wouldn’t dare take it outside for fear of being shot by police. It looks like a full assault rifle complete with scope. The orange tip that is actually required by law in the U.S. is easily removable. There’s a clip that holds the batteries and you can tap to reload your gun. The whole thing disassembles nicely to fit back into it’s box. Mechanically and visually they did quite a nice job on the gun. Packing and presentation is top notch.

Overall a very nice effort but it just isn’t intuitive enough. A gun controller should just simply work and the Delta Six drift and constant need for re-centering breaks the immersion it’s supposed to help create. I don’t have a recommendation for a current gun controller that is better but if I where you I’d hold off on a Delta Six. You’ll find that you’ll end up adapting to the gun and it’s oddities rather than it enhancing your game play.