MPU9150 + Arduino

May 2014

MPU9150 breakout board

I originally integrated a MPU9150 break out board with Arduino Nano board in my Sony HMZ-T1/VFX1 shell project. However coming back to this tracker now to create a webpage, I’m unable to get reliable operation. All of my experimental trackers use the same Vireio Perception code mimicking a Pololu miniIMU-9 output. The Pololu devices work well however the MPU9150 using the MPU9150lib files continues to crash. I’m also unable to get the data rate to run above 100Hz, even after disabling the magnetometer which has a 100Hz max rate. There seems to be some bugs in the firmware. The description of the project says it’s no where near optimized so maybe there are issues.

When time permits I’ll come back and debug this tracker and firmware combination. But for now I’ll just use the HillCrest FSM-9.

The MPU9150lib Arduino source code seems to not be available on the original Pansenti webpage anymore, so I provide it here.