The I-glasses Review

May 2000

The Virtual I-glasses are a nice setup. The ease of setup and simplicity make one of the best to work with so far. I have the VPC model which uses a vga signal from your PC and a audio signal. It also has the option of inputing a RCA type signal if you so choose. I would say this is the best one to go with if you are just starting out.

The I-glasses resolution is fairly good. It appears to be alittle more clear and easier to focus on then some of the other headsets. The field of view also seemed to be larger then the VFX-1. I had purchased this unit on a Yahoo auction for 150 dollars. Which was a killer price for a head mounted display.

The headtracking did work but I had diffculty setting it up. The only way I could get it to work was as a mouse in the Windows enviroment. Take in effect, that I did not mess with it very long but it still was alittle trouble some. Even as a mouse, the tracker had troubles when I turned to the left. This may be due to my specific unit or due to a bug. I dont know.

Another thing that didnt work exactly up to par, was the stereoscopic view. The stereo view was good, but I could see lines scrolling up through the display. I think this is due to the RBG to NTSC converter, because when I use the RCA jack the picture is quite good. I also hooked up the headset to a DVD player and was amazed at how clear the picture was presented. The constrast isnt too bad. I was very impressed with the displays on this unit.

As a comparsion to the VFX-1, I beleive the I-glasses have a better display setup. They are also alot easier to hookup and can be transfered from PC to PC easier. As far as tracking, the VFX-1 wins by a land slide. Now this may be due to my specific unit. Software support I think is more abundant for the VFX-1 then for the I-glasses. I will work more in the future with the I-glasses and maybe I will find differently. As far as my first impressions, here they are.

In conclusion, If your looking to get a nice setup and want the least amount of fuss, go with the I-glasses. They’re worth the money on the aftermarket scene. Hope this helps some of you out there. If you have any comments at all, please dont hesitate to email me. The link is on my home page.