VR Tracker 2 USB

February 2004

The Virtual reality Tracker we call VRTracker 2 USB is an amazing must have for any Virtual Reality System. This is the original gyro based head tracker. The VRTracker 2 USB will provide true Plug N Play operation with ANY application which currently uses a mouse. It works excellent with first person shooters like QuakeII and Return to Castle Wolfenstein or any other game for that matter! This is the Head tracker of choice!

VRTrackers are built in house by VRImmersions.com and may differ slightly from picture.

This is a low cost sourceless tracker. That means no line of sight restrictions like those optical and ultrasonic trackers. Did I mention it’s WIRELESS!!!!

This tracker can be used for HMD’s, gloves, anything which rotates along the Yaw and Pitch axis. Yaw and Pitch are the two most important axis of movement for Virtual Reality head tracking. These are the movements you make when you look UP or DOWN or LEFT or RIGHT. The VRTracker 2 USB will allow you to feel like your in the game, following your every movement. Just clip the control box on your belt and place the small sensor head on anything you want to track and your ready to go. There’s no need for drivers or software that only work with specific configurations like those expensive trackers. Just plug the VRTracker 2 USB in and go.

Here’s a pictures showing it being used to track a Gun while playing QuakeII.

The VRTracker 2 USB is an amazing feature to add to any exsisting system as well as any new systems. This is the low cost tracking solution that Gamers everywhere have been waiting for!!!


Will operate up to 20′ away from receiving station
Provides 2 degrees of freedom (Pitch & Yaw). That means UP/DOWN and LEFT/RIGHT
Plugs into a USB port. Your standard mouse operations are not effected.
Operates via wireless RF link.
Features automatic sleep mode to conserve battery life.
Comes with all necessary power supplies, cables, and instructions.

* The general operation document of the VRTracker 2 USB.