Virtual Boy Cartridges

Originally June 2015

Updated April 16th 2018

I’ve revisited Virtual Boy again after all these years. Purchased another system and bought most of the games available on eBay. There were those expensive games like Jack Bros U.S.A, Space Invaders Virtual Collection, Gundam Dimension War, Virtual Bowling, and Virtual Lab that were just out of my price range. Currently these go for approximately $200, $500, $1000, $1000, and $1000 respectively. I found this to be quite ridiculous given that these games are just ROMs in a plastic case. This lead to my development of my own Virtual Boy Reproduction cartridges and the build of several different Virtual Boy games.

Below are some pictures of the custom PCB I developed for my original 4M/8Mbit design. I also now have an updated version for 16Mbit homebrew games. I can build all of the original games, and homebrew games, both with and without RAM, including the full Hyper Fighting ROM using my 128/256Mbit PCB design. The board size is the same as the Teleroboxer PCB and can house up to a 16Mbit flash along with a nvSRAM chip. The picture on the right has the nvSRAM installed. The nvSRAM is needed for a several of the original games and some of the homebrews which support saving progress. My 16Mbit design supports a 8k x 8 nvSRAM which matches the original production game RAM size, as well as a larger 32k x 8 for homebrew applications needing more RAM.

Here’s is the 16Mbit version of the PCB which I orginally made in a two tone red and black to match the Virtual Boy colors. This color scheme changes sometimes when I reorder PCBs. My latest versions which support the 32k x 8 nvSRAM are RED on both sides.

I’ve also created the cartridge label artwork for Jack Bros USA, Gundam Dimension Wars Japan & English, Virtual Bowling, Virtual Lab, BLOX, BLOX2, Faceball VB Prototype, Faceball Remastered, Space Pinball, and others. My collection is complete of all the original USA games and the unique Japanese games (Japanese games that are not just copies of the USA games, or vice-versa). I’ve even made some custom cases with case art. See my Space Invaders custom case in the pictures below.

Space Invaders Custom Case insides

Here are some pictures of my other reproduction cartridges with their labels applied. Many of them now are homebrew titles.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders Custom

Virtual Lab

Virtual Bowling

Gundam English

Gundam Japan

Faceball VB Prototype

Faceball Remastered

Mario Kart

Hyper Fighting Demo

Bound High

Space Pinball


Space Squash English

Virtual Fishing English




Jack Bros. USA

Game Hero

Soviet Union 2010

VUE Snake

Full Hyper Fighting (2 player via Link Cable!)

Water World

3D BattleSnake (2 player via Link Cable!)

Tic Tac Toe (2 player via Link Cable!)

Mario Tennis Patched (2 player via Link Cable!)

Flappy Cheep Cheep Demo

VB Racing Demo

Hyper Fighting (2 player Link Cable tag)

Innsmouth Mansion

VB GameBoy Emulator


Coming soon!

If you have any questions on Virtual Boy cartridges, cases, and how to make them, send me an email via my contact form. My cart set image below may be missing the most recent updates.