The X Glove Idea

March 2004

The X Glove idea has a slightly different approach then the other projects. I may or may not build this glove but I have researched it extensively and I believe that it can be built. The X Glove is an idea for a 3DOF Wireless USB Data glove. It provides Yaw, Pitch, and Roll via a MG100 gyroscope and an accelerometer. Five resistive bend sensors will provide the inputs for the users fingers along with an expansion port to provide abduction measurements for the thumb/index and index/middle joints. The expansion port will also allow for additional inputs if desired. The wireless RF link is provided by a Linx RF modules operating in the 900 Mhz range. At the receiver side is the associated Linx RF module connected to a serial to USB module. From here it plugs into the PC. This is an extremely high end data glove. Its a combination and upgrade of my wireless dataglove project and the NewGlove project.

To get a better look at the drawings and schematics below, right click and save to your PC. They are high resolution images that can be seen quite clearly.

Concept X Glove

Parts List & Estimated Cost

Transmitter Schematic

Receiver Schematic


In the concept drawing of the X Glove above, there are five resistive bend sensors for the fingers and 4 sensors for abduction measurements. This is a total of nine sensors, which is the maximum the glove can handle in this configuration. Also included are the MG100 and accelerometer as mentioned above. All the sensors are sampled by the Atmega16 ADC inputs. There is a program header included for firmware upgrades. The expansion port shown in the picture can be omitted if the abduction sensors are going to be used. Otherwise, this header will be connected to the inputs of the multiplexer.

The beauty of this system is that its a wireless USB system. It lends very easily to a dual glove system as long as you pick a different frequency transmitter and receiver for each glove. This is very easily done with the Linx wireless RF link modules. These modules can be found at

The design work has been done. All that is required now is a board design and software. The board design can be done with EagleCAD. All of the parts except the MG100 are available in a surface mount package. This will make for a very compact board which should fit on the back of the users hand. The glove in mind is a standard black spandex glove similar to the look of the 5DT data glove.

The software should be very straight forward as far as the microcontroller is concerned. Sample all the ADC pins and output their associated data via the RF transmitter to the receiving station. Feed the data to the PC and let the computer do the work.

The only thing this leaves is the application software. This is where I personally am alittle weak. Demos are no problem but to write actual drivers will require a real programmer. My first thought for a demo is a sign language recognition system which displays the letter being signed and also speaks it. Just a thought… With the right software it could easily be used for desktop and gaming applications.

The only downfall to this system is its cost (in a homebrewers prespective). As you can see from the parts list above a single glove system will run you 500.00 in material (slight over estimate). A 5DT wireless glove will run you approx 1000.00. Keep in mind that the X Glove offers more functionality and better tracking then a 5DT glove and is no where near the price of a Cyber glove. So if your willing to do a little leg work, you can have a high end data glove for a fraction of the price.

So the next few steps needed for this project to continue are:
1. Design board layout with EagleCad.
2. Raise money to build a prototype.
3. Develop microcontroller code.
4. Hardware/Microcontroller. Test,test,test.
5. Develop software drivers/applications.