MRG2.2 Liquid Image HMD Review

October 2003

This is more of a summary then a review. I worked with the MRG2.2 briefly about a year ago and just want to give my 2 cents on my initial experience for anyone who might be interested.

The MRG2.2 is an older obselete HMD from Liquid Image. It has a resolution of 240 x 240 with an amazing FOV of 84 degrees Horizontal x 65 degrees Vertical. It accepts composite video and has stereo headphones. It has a somewhat heavy ‘control box’ which houses the power supply and port connections. Video and power is fed through a thick cable up to the headset. I orginally purchased mine on Ebay for approx. 150.00.

Despite the low resolution the MRG2.2 is by far the best HMD I’ve ever used in the regards of FOV. It was nice to actually have an HMD which was above the typical 30 to 40 degree FOV standard to so many low end headsets. I didnt mind the low resolution one bit. Its defintely a "application requirement" HMD. Which simply means if FOV is what you need then an MRG2.2 would be great. Otherwise you might want to sacrifice FOV for resolution and go with a pair of I-glasses SVGA. It all depends on your application.

The comfort and feel of the MRG2.2 was acceptable with a slightly heavy nose. Overall I would give the MRG2.2 a 7 out of 10. It would be a straight 10 if the resolution was alittle higher. Defintely a nice HMD if you can get your hands on one!!