Virtual Reality Telepresence Robot

May 2000

This is my attempt at a Telepresence project which turned out alot better then I thought. It uses a RC control Truck, a TV Rabbit transmitter and reciever, a CCD black ‘n’ white camera, two servo’s out of a remote control Air Plane, and an assortment of batteries.

I got the idea out of a book that I have read,"Step into Virtual Reality", by John Iovine. The book contains various projects for Telepresence robots, Data gloves, HMD’s, and various others. I would recommend the book for those looking into some tips on VR Projects.

The CCD camera is mounted on a piece of plexy glass along with the servo that controls the vertical controls. That is then mounted ontop of another servo that controls the panning of the camera.

The transmitter signal is recieved back at a TV in my room where I can see everything that the camera sees. I then can move the camera around to see whats going on. It has about a distance of 150 to 200 feet.

All this is powered by one 9.6V pack for the RC controls, two 9 volt batteries in series for the transmitter, one 4.5 battery pack for the servo controls, and a 9 volt battery in series with two AA batteries for the CCD camera.