Virtual Boy Case

August 3rd 2015

I decided to make a Virtual Boy case because I thought it was so ridiculous that VB cases were going for $450 on eBay. Well, “going for” may not be true. People are trying to sell them for that price but I’m not sure anyone is buying. Please do not buy these!! $78.00 for a Platt blow molded 706 case and you can get almost the exact dimensions of the original VB Blockbuster case. Put a Virtual Boy sticker on the front and you’ll have a VB case for a fraction of the cost.

Hopefully you can do a better job than I did on the pick-n-pluck foam of the Platt 706 case. It was my first go at it and I rushed a bit. You definitely don’t want to separate the stand foam section from the rest of the case. Otherwise it’s not so stable and becomes easily separated. Take some time with the foam and you can have a nice VB case at a fraction of the cost. Have fun!