HyperFlash32 Order Page

This is the order page for HyperFlash32. If you’re looking for more information on the cart itself, please look here first: HyperFlash32 Product Development Page.

For more background information on projects I’ve done for Virtual Boy over the past 7 years, please refer to my main page: Mellott’s VR. I will have a new website later this year (2021), but in order to not delay HyperFlash32 shipments, I’m using my Mellotts VR Page. This is also where HF32 started.

This order page is currently for batch 2, which will begin to ship in April, 2021. I will place PCB orders end of January. Orders will ship on first come first served basis. There is an option for cart only, or cart with box set. There are options for USA based orders and non-USA. Please select the correct one so the correct shipping is charged. Thanks!

Due to the estimated number of orders, shipping all of the orders will take me approximately 3-4 months. I am primarily a 1 man team, with more help coming online now. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

HyperFlash Cart Options