Dreamcast Serial & USB Cables

In continuation of my branching out beyond Virtual Boy projects, I designed a proper connector for the serial port of the Dreamcast. This connector has a much finer pitch than past connectors I’ve done and it really pushed my design capability given my 3D chopped carbon fiber print material. In the end it came out fantastic and now I’m able to build new serial cables and USB coder cables with a proper connector. I even use proper Dreamcast pins like found on the AV cables and the original serial cables.

I may even do an SD card reader since I have a proper connector. I enjoyed this project as it pushed what I thought was capable with my 3D printer parts. It also helped refine some of my assembly processes for all my cables. Good times.

Here’s a USB-C coders cable. I can also do standard USB type A.

And a serial cable for 2 player action on DC. There are some original cables on eBay for this but they often approach $300, which is crazy. These are much cheaper